Reveal VMA

The Reveal VMA

The Reveal Virtual Measurement Assistant, powered by Bodygram, uses AI body sizing technology to take precise body measurements with only 2 photos on your smartphone. The Reveal VMA gives you full body measurements within 99% accuracy compared to measurements taken by professional tailors. Simply take a front photo, a side photo, and then upload them.  When your Bodygram sizing report is ready, send it to the Reveal Suits store to begin your order.

The Reveal VMA

Use the Reveal Virtual Measurement Assistant to take and send your measurements to Reveal Suits.

Download the app
Scan this QR code to download the Bodygram App to your smartphone via the official site.

Take your photo

Follow the prompts in the VMA to take a forward and side photo. Photos can be taken as a selfie or by someone else.

Wait for Measurements

Your measurements will be calculated within minutes. When you’re ready, send your measurements to Reveal Suits through the QR code on your computer or the link on your smartphone.

From A Computer
In the Bodygram App, click “Share your size with a store” and scan the QR code above to share your measurements.

From A Mobile Device

Click above to share your measurements with Bodygram.

Reveal Suits will pay for basic alterations up to $30 when measurements are taken at a Reveal Suits fitting or with the Reveal Suits VMA.
Alterations are the responsibility of the Customer when measurements are not taken by a Reveal Suits authorized source.