Reveal Suits is the World's only custom clothier offering officially-licensed suits and blazers for men and women, while also providing the highest quality garment for business professionals for any occasion.

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Over 10,000 Suit Combinations

At Reveal Suits we have redefined the word 'custom' for good. You can choose from over 80 unique blazer designs for each school.

Add the functionality to select a matching colour & pick a comfy size. You've now got a fully customized suit experience

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It's What's Inside

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Tailored Designs

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Immersed in natural style

Where Passion Meets Fashion

Reveal Suits specializes in giving all our young male and female athletes a chance to come out of their shell, with personalized official-licensed lining.

We host private fittings for groups of business professionals, fraternities, sororities, sports teams and organizations, and a host of clientele who desire to stand out amongst their peers.

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