The Process

Whether your appointment is virtual, in-person, or by phone, you'll experience how Reveal Suits crafts the finest custom made suits in the US.


Why custom clothing?


Although we could construct a "custom" suit with only three measurements, it would be no better than off-the-rack. Collecting measurements and gathering physical attribute information is crucial to creating a garment with the perfect fit.

Standard production time for individual and quantities less than 25 suits is 4-5 weeks. Standard production time for larger orders (quantities over 100) will be 6-8 weeks.

Quality Construction

Our garments are made of the finest quality materials and tailored to fit you and only you. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone that matches us on our three core competencies: Fit, Convenience, and Quality of Build. Our suits are made with the finest quality fabrics that ensure you have the feel and look you desire.

We use a cotton thread in areas where there is little tension and a stronger poly-cotton where seams and stress are expected. We do not use silk as that it is not as strong when it comes to abrasion resistance – when wet, it loses 20% of its strength (vs. cotton gaining 30%), and once stretched it does not return to its original length. We can use it on buttonholes when requested.